gilakas’la / čɛčɛ haθɛč,  I am grateful and honoured to live work and play in the water, on the land and through the forests that are the unceded territory of the K’ómoks First Nation

Action-oriented. Bold. Compassionate.

A passionate, tenacious leader who puts in the time to critically examine the issues for sound decision-making.

What does Wendy stand for and where is she on local issues?

Equity & Inclusivity – Amplifying Underrepresented Voices

Wendy will continue to push for equity and inclusivity in decision-making spaces, engage with citizens, and ensure all voices are heard.

Reconciliation & Decolonization

Wendy is passionate about meaningful action towards reconciliation, building on relationships with K’omoks First Nation and all other indigenous community members.

Promoting Active Transportation & Road Safety

Wendy will continue to work collaboratively with council and regional counterparts to further develop active transportation and enhance safety for all road users including pedestrians, those with mobility challenges, families, and seniors.

Affordability and Diversity in Housing Advocacy

Wendy will encourage creative solutions to a wide array of housing needs, utilizing the new OCP’s vision, and by fiercely advocating to higher levels of government.

Climate Action

Wendy is excited to work with council to implement a climate action plan that integrates policies of the OCP and the comprehensive master plans developed over her first term.

Protecting Our Natural Assets

Wendy cherishes the natural assets of the community she has called home for almost 60 years, and will continue to prioritize watershed protection, tree canopy targets, greenspaces, and development of the Regional Parks Service.

Supporting Local Business and Values Based Sustainable Economic Development

Wendy is keen to work with colleagues on new ways to promote economic development that is sustainable, kind to the environment, and that better reflect community values.

Social Health & Infrastructure

Wendy will face head on as she has demonstrated, the complex social issues we face, working with higher government and social service agency partners, and by supporting a regional social planning approach.

I'm asking for your support to continue the work started, including OCP implementation, creative solutions to the housing crisis and social issues, and climate action.