gilakas’la / čɛčɛ haθɛč,  I am grateful and honoured to live work and play in the water, on the land and through the forests that are the unceded territory of the K’ómoks First Nation

Food Security

  • Council unanimously adopted Wendy’s Urban Agriculture resolution which lead to allowance of hen keeping, beekeeping, and market stands in all areas of Courtenay
  • Wendy promoted the adoption of the Food Policy Council and is the city rep on the council – including the first ever Food Systems chapter in the newly adopted Official Community Plan – this also provides a framework for incorporating food garden spaces and fruit trees into multi-residential developments, boulevard food growing, supporting local food production, and protecting food sovereignty
  • She supported providing grants to Lush Valley Food Action Society for their Good Food Box program;
  • She supported providing land for Lush Valley’s community garden and civic facilities for their community kitchen to operate during the pandemic;
  • Wendy supported the establishment of a regional food hub
  • She supported partnering with Lush Valley Food Action Society to manage and maintain the orchard at the new McPhee Meadows park, with potential plans to incorporate food growing educational programming