gilakas’la / čɛčɛ haθɛč,  I am grateful and honoured to live work and play in the water, on the land and through the forests that are the unceded territory of the K’ómoks First Nation

Social Issues

During the last election, Wendy stressed that a vibrant, healthy, prosperous community is not possible without addressing the social health of the community.

All residents should feel included and respected regardless of income, homelessness, mental health and substance use challenges. Sadly these challenges have intensified during the pandemic. Although these issues are not within the mandate of local governments, the pressure often falls on elected officials and staff to solve these problems.

One of the main roles City councillors take on is advocacy to the provincial and federal governments. This term they have done a lot of that! Wendy and others have also advocated for a city and/or regional social planner who can help support the work of social agencies and integrate social infrastructure into our policies and procedures.